Experiential Cartography

We help organizations develop a “human view” of their business that goes beyond organizational hierarchies, functional maps and process-diagrams.

Humans are experiential-beings, and their perception of situations is far deeper than rationally-grounded cause & effect models.

We offer business cartography solutions that model the human-factors influencing the business across the entire value chain. A holistic view of these force-factors is useful for distinguishing competence-building friction from competence-destroying friction in the organization.

To know more about our business cartography service, please write to carto@synaestech.com

Design Experimentation

We assist organizations in the conceptualization, prototyping and validation of innovative design solutions.

Multi-disciplinary teams composed of domain experts, technology professionals and social scientists work in close collaboration with project sponsors to create a “design-space” for active experimentation.

We employ novel methods to conduct user evaluation studies, e.g. the use of tangible manipulatives and visual inquiry methods to facilitate metaphorical projection of complex user-experience onto easily decodable embodiments of everyday human activity.

To know more about our design experimentation service, please write to dex@synaestech.com

Innovation Management

We help organizations sustain their competitive advantage by adopting management practices that promote creativity and innovation.

We organize training sessions and capacity building workshops that expose participants to Systems and Metaphorical thinking, Explicative interviewing techniques for surfacing tacit information, and Collaborative reflection methods for modeling group response.

We also help organizations develop knowledge management tools to facilitate collaboration through enhanced information sharing.

To know more about our knowledge management service, please write to img@synaestech.com