Picstella is a rendering platform that generates visual clues to activate metaphorical reconstruction of customer-experience.

Experience is a deeply situated and embodied synthesis of a customer’s appreciation of products and services. Picstella employs proprietary image composition technology to surface tacit aspects of customer-experience through visual inquiry.

Businesses can use Picstella to augment data-driven customer-modeling techniques with experientially grounded subjective-models of customer interaction. The ability to reason customer-activity in the context of precise experience it creates for the customer, will help businesses make better design decisions.

The beta version of Picstella will be released soon. Please write to to record your interest.

Yanstra is a sensing platform for real-time monitoring of natural and engineered systems.

Enhanced information flows are fundamental to creating superior human experience. Yanstra realizes this vision by empowering individuals with digital artifacts capable of long, unattended and interconnected sensing of physical phenomenon.

Individuals can use Yanstra to better understand their physical surroundings, devise early-response to change in situations, create awareness for sustainable civic and business practices, and justify demands for more considered services-delivery from public and private sector enterprises.

Yanstra is available for demo presentation. Please write to to record your interest.